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The first thing people may want to know is if group therapy is required for treatment. The answer is no. Something else a person may want to know is the benefit of group therapy.

Group therapy is a very different experience that offers unique benefits not afforded in individual therapy. Irvin Yalom, widely considered to be one of the leading experts in this area, believed that group therapy was the place where clients should experience hope.

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    A place to experience hope.

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    Learn from the experience of your peers.

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    Build off the success of others.

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    Feel support from your peers.

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    Learn that you are not alone in your struggles.

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    Receive additional therapeutic instruction.

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    An additional place to process your experiences.

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    A place to express bottled up feelings.

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    Learn new options for coping.

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    Less expensive.

We know. We get it. We are here to HELP. Let’s talk.

Opening up can be difficult, it takes courage. We honor your bravery.
We are here to listen and ready to help you.


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Depression and Anxiety

They experience this hope in group therapy because they feel encouraged by other participating group members, which is often very powerful and motivating. Participants experience new motivation and enthusiasm for their own journey by witnessing the growth and success of other members. They gain unique insights from others. But most importantly, individuals learn that they are not alone in their struggles—that their trials are not exclusive to them. They realize that struggles come to all, and that it has nothing to do with something “odd,” “abnormal,” “different,” or “weird” about who they are.

Relationship Issues

My experience with running hundreds of groups up to this point in my career has convinced me that group therapy is invaluable to those participating in them. One of the reasons it is so vital to individual growth is because of the interaction with others that occurs. This does not mean that group therapy sessions are just glorified get-togethers. Counseling groups are still rich with therapeutic instruction and opportunities for processing. However, interpersonal interaction still occurs, providing opportunities for social growth that carries over to personal relationships in your life.

Work or Career Based Issues

Those who have never participated in group therapy may have some concerns. They may worry about privacy or feeling comfortable opening up in front of others. They may worry about being “triggered” by others using certain key words. They may not want to hear about others’ experiences which may serve as unfriendly reminders of their own. These are very valid concerns, and as a group therapist it is my job to be aware of these and to know how to handle them.

For starters, all participating group members sign an agreement to respect everybody’s confidentiality. My experience leading group therapy sessions has shown that just about everybody understands the importance of this because they can relate. They know what it feels like to want the important and private matters of their own lives respected and kept confidential. I also take time to explain to participants that everyone’s personal growth is often contingent upon trust and confidentiality; meaning, our personal growth flourishes most when it can occur within a safe space that is not broadcasted for others to see or hear about.

From there, the success of group therapy begins with how each session is set up, including a screening process. All my groups have established ground rules that are available for all to see. These rules are not restrictive or controlling, but rather serve as common set of expectations that keep everybody on the same page, especially with things like avoiding certain key words and stories that might make others uncomfortable to hear.

My groups are set up so that individuals can choose their own level of participation while still benefitting from their time there. This not only includes how often they share, but also how much.

Finally, many find group therapy to be an economic alternative to individual therapy. This is option that is readily available for those who wish to participate in a group environment instead of individual treatment.

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I received my Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science: Psychology from Utah Valley University, and my Master’s in Counseling from University of Phoenix.

We know. We get it. We are here to HELP. Let’s talk.

Opening up can be difficult, it takes courage. We honor your bravery.
We are here to listen and ready to help you.