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We often find ourselves in complex and distressing situations. Tough times come to us all. We all experience times of feeling lost and discouraged, like we’ve tried everything we know and it just doesn’t seem to be enough.

Therapists started noticing as far back as the 1960s that everyday common people began coming to therapy looking for guidance regarding “the everyday struggles of life.” And since our lives matter to us, these issues are of great importance.

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    Depression and Anxiety

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    Relationship Issues

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    Failure to Launch

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    Self-Confidence Issues

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    College and Career Based Issues

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    Spiritual Issues

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    Finding Personal Meaning

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    Finding Joy and Happiness

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    Trauma-Informed Care

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    High-Functioning Autism

We know. We get it. We are here to HELP. Let’s talk.

Opening up can be difficult, it takes courage. We honor your bravery.
We are here to listen and ready to help you.


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Depression & Anxiety

One reason these struggles are so troubling to us is because they elicit noticeable emotional reactions within us. Often, we find ourselves capable and confident to deal with them. However, there are still plenty of occasions when these emotional reactions are overwhelming and overpowering because some trials are simply more challenging and may require additional time and care to resolve or manage. Furthermore, over time suppressing unwanted emotions can become toxic, manifesting physically through different illnesses.

Relationship Issues

Another reason these struggles weigh heavily on us is because of their inherent moral implications on who we are. Often our struggles emerge from and boomerang around to impact our very identity, which is moral to the core. Moral in these situations doesn’t necessarily mean “right and wrong,” but rather signifies what one ought to do. Our attempts to figure out what we ought to do is what burdens our minds.

Work or Career Based Issues

This is where therapy and counseling can help. Therapists and counselors serve as “ancillary minds,” as Robert Fancher described. This means that we carry with us a body of knowledge that you may not have happened across yet in your life, but that can serve as a sounding board for you. Counselors provide you with opportunities to make new sense of yourself and your experiences. While counselors cannot tell you what to do or how to do it; we can help you explore your “choices, options, and lifestyles,” as Richard Chessick explained.

We do this by listening to your circumstances; prompting meaningful discussion; asking both simple and challenging questions that are designed to inspire self-reflection and increased awareness; and inviting you to explore new possibilities for meaning and being.

Growth can be very fulfilling and rewarding. But the process is not always comfortable, as I am sure you have noticed by now. As many authors in this field have noted, including the two mentioned above, change is challenging, sometimes even painful; and it requires consistent attention and commitment. There are no silver bullets in the field of mental health. However, that is precisely what makes the journey so uplifting and meaningful.

But the counseling process should still be welcoming. You don’t need to be bogged down with an endless array of psychobabble, ridicule, pop psychology, one-size-fits-all psychologism, or hodge-podge combinations of therapies (sometimes referred to as eclecticism) that were combined with no rhyme or reason.

What many people need is a comprehensive body of knowledge with which they can dialogue. They need a counselor who brings “compassion and joy to therapy,” as Matthew Draper advocated, but also knows when to push and when to listen. That is what I strive to be and provide.

I know life is tough, and the answers are rarely easy. Sometimes, they never come, and we are then tasked with figuring out how to “carry on” from there. Together, we will develop new skills toward your progression.

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I have over 8 years of experience working as an individual and group therapist for teenagers and young adults. My experience includes working for two highly accredited residential treatment centers here in the valley; during which time I saw hundreds of clients and a wide variety of clinical cases.
I received my Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science: Psychology from Utah Valley University, and my Master’s in Counseling from University of Phoenix.

We know. We get it. We are here to HELP. Let’s talk.

Opening up can be difficult, it takes courage. We honor your bravery.
We are here to listen and ready to help you.